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Hand blended in small batches with black pepper, onion, garlic, roasted red bell pepper, green bell pepper and celery seed.

We use Pennsylvania Pepper on everything from grilled burgers, baked or grilled chicken, fish, scrambled eggs, omelettes, roasted, grilled or steamed vegetables and sprinkled on salads. While it’s great as a finishing element of any dish, you can incorporate it into your cooking as well. Try it in homemade spaghetti sauce or mix it into your favorite mashed potato recipe. We like to use it as an ingredient in soups, particularly squash soups. It can be used to season bacon, add it to your marinade for meats and tofu, or incorporate it into stir fries. Replace regular cracked black pepper with Pennsylvania Pepper in your steak au poivre recipe to make a delicious recipe perfect.

Pennsylvania Pepper

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