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This award-winning mix of selected vine ripened vegetables is actually not as hot as the name suggests, rather, it is a nicely balanced heat from peperoncinos and a delicious blend of olive oil, eggplant, mushrooms, and capers. A versatile tapenade, it can be spread over crackers or crusty bread, used on sandwiches, or added to seafood, meats, vegetables or omelettes. You can also add it to any sauce to give it some kick! All natural ingredients are grown on small farms in Calabria, Italy.  6.7 oz. 

Facts Product of Italy.
Ingredients Hot pepper, tomatoes, mushrooms (Lactarius deliciosus, Tricholoma portentes, Boletus edulitis), eggplant, olive oil, capers, aromatic herbs, salt, wine vinegar.

Dinamite Spicy Calabrian Tapenade

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